Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine for my Valentine

I got my Valentine’s Day gift early because Chris said the place to pick up my present is not open on Mondays.  So yesterday after eating lunch at Subway, we drove around while I anxiously guessed where and what he was going to be getting me.  I had an inkling of what it was going to be because we were spending the day to celebrate his birthday (since it was the weekend and I have school on Tuesday) and when I asked him what he would like to do between picking up my gift and having his birthday dinner and playing pool with the guys, he said he just wants to hang out at the apartment.  I said, “Don’t you want to go somewhere?  Do something?”  He said, “No, not really.  I just want to hang out.  Plus, you’ll want to play with your gift.”
            This is what made me think that he was going to get me a kitty cat.  I was beyond excited and so surprised when we did pull up to PAWS.  Unfortunately, the Lynnwood shelter did not have any kittens.  Apparently, it is not kitten season.  That is in the spring and summertime.  I learned something new.
            We went to their sister organization, PAWS Cat City, in Seattle.  They also did not have any kittens because it was not kitten season, but they did have young, female cats that we thought would be good for Zanzibar.  We wanted a young, female cat because we have been researching that female cats and male cats get along.  We didn’t want another male because of territorial issues, but found out two males get along fine.  Two females, however, are extremely territorial.  Again, that was something new that I learned.
            Chris and I visited with Miss Sunshine and we instantly fell in love.  She was soaking up the sun, curled up in her pillow.  The minute we came up to pet her she was purrrrrrring like crazy.  She is very pretty too.  She has similar coloring to Zanzibar.  She is white and black, but with orangey-brown spots and green eyes. 
            We were able to adopt her and bring her home the same day and because they were running a Valentine’s Day deal, we got her for only $20!  I sat with her in the back of the car and opened up the box.  Who knew that cats liked car rides?  She loved it!  The two times that Zanz was in the car, he hated it. 
            During the ride back, we were thinking of new names for her.  I wanted a name that was as good as Zanzibar and that went well when it is being said, but what is a better name than Zanzibar?  I thought Zoë would be a good name.  We went to Fred Meyer to pick her up her own cat litter and toys.  I stayed in the back with her “Googling” African girl names.  Then, it just came to me.  What about Valentine?  She was, after all, my Valentine gift from Chris.  Best Valentine’s Day gift.  Ever.

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