Thursday, May 19, 2011

Robin visits, Zanzibar hisses

For his mother's birthday/ Mother's Day gift, Chris bought tickets for his mom, him, and I to go watch the Mariners.  I worried that when Chris' mother Robin arrived that Zanzibar would hiss at her.  I have only seen him hiss at Valentine and that was during the first couple days of her moving in.  Other than that, I've only heard stories of him hissing at company.  Sure enough, when Chris' mom arrived Zanzibar sniffed at her, meowed, and hissed.  No matter what she did to reassure him that everything was okay, he was curious about her.  He would sniff her and then follow-up with a vicious hiss.  He is very territorial, especially when it comes to his cat litter, which unfortunately for guests is located in our only bathroom.  I hoped that after a whole day of us being gone that it would be enough time for him to cool off.  After all, how dare we bring someone into his house? he probably thought to himself.  

The day was a good one.  After gyros at Cafe Neo's, we killed time and shopped at a vintage store before waiting in line for a giveaway of an Ichiro bobblehead.  We drank beer as we watched Felix Hernandez warm up in the bullpen.  
I ate a delicious hot dog.  We toured the highest seat in the stadium.  Although our seats were in the 19th row, we wanted to see if the saying was true: there are no bad seats at Safeco Field.  It's true.  Even at what most people would consider nose-bleed, it wasn't a bad view at all.  We arrived at our seats after the anthem and the ceremonial first pitch.  We watched Rob Dyrdek throw the first pitch.  He was visiting Seattle for a skateboarding event and I was really excited to see him. And, we rallied as Seattle won the game against the Chicago White Sox.

My wish came true when we arrived home and Zanzibar seemed to be getting used to the fact that our company was not going anywhere for the night.  Although he sat on the couch and kept his distance from Robin, I was just glad he wasn't hissing anymore. 
When it came time to sleep, he left her alone and slept in the bedroom with Chris and me.  Meanwhile, Valentine kept Robin company.

The next day Robin left to go back home to Oak Harbor and things were restored at the Galang/Johnson home.  It was Chris, Zanzibar, Valentine, and me, just the way Zanz likes it.